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Master Painters Institute

Attention APCA Members

Due to the continuing inflation and increases in fuel prices, the Board of Directors of the APCA has decided to increase the cost per kilometre for travel on inspections outside of the city proper of Calgary and Edmonton, EFFECTIVE August 1, 2022.

We will now be charging $.70 per km, up from $.60 per km.

Attached is the new Request for Inspector form (RFI) that shows this along with the new flat rate charges for many cities within the Calgary and Edmonton areas.

We understand that all of you as business owners and contractors are experiencing the same and that these costs are in the end being passed onto the General Contractors and project owners.


Kirk Beggs
General Manager
Alberta Painting Contractors Association

APCA Inspection Program

The Inspection and Guarantee program offered by APCA to Specification Authorities and Building Owners provides a two-year guarantee of the workmanship and materials employed by the Painting Contractor who follows the qualifications and standards set out in the MPI Architectural Painting Specification Manual. This service is dependent on a remittance to the APCA, starting at 5% of the paint contract. The program provides:

  • preliminary specification review
  • specification development
  • on-site inspection services
  • inspection reports
  • conflict resolution
  • final sign off
  • a two-year guarantee covering workmanship and materials used on a project

The program also provides no-cost industry standard technical assistance to the consultant, the objective being to obtain superior and consistent quality performance, project after project. Perfection doesn’t exist but quality does. The only way to get consistent quality is through a proven quality assurance program.


The Master House Painters Association of the U.S. and Canada was formed in 1885 with the purpose being “…to solve problems created by unsatisfactory materials, and to devise a means for assuring the public of the skill, honorable reputation and probity of master painters.” The Master Painters Institute (MPI) was formed in 1996 to further these aims through the revision and publication of the Architectural Painting Specification Manual and the Maintenance Repainting Manual.

These Manuals have been assembled from data obtained from: manufacturers, applicators, other coatings related industries, as well as other varied sources. MPI Manuals are constantly updated to reflect new developments in products, “Green” developments and LEED requirements. The purpose is to promote quality assurance, both in product and workmanship. The manuals contain the necessary information to:

  • evaluate paint products
  • evaluate and select painting systems
  • assemble a painting specification
  • select the surface preparation necessary
  • install a Quality Assurance Program to ensure a professional application
  • receive a third party two-year guarantee

The MPI has established a Quality Assurance Program incorporating excellent, proven industry standards. Add a successful track record of over thirty years in providing that which the program promises – assurance of quality. The program is designed to provide independent evaluation of the painting process to ensure satisfaction for all parties involved.

The Architectural Painting Specification Manual and the Maintenance Repainting Manual provide the foundation for the MPI Quality Assurance Program. This program is available through the Alberta Painting Contractors Association, an MPI Accredited Quality Assurance Association.


The Specifying Authority benefits by:

  • saving inspection time
  • receiving unbiased reports
  • gaining assurance of receiving quality material and workmanship
  • receiving guaranteed professional performance

The Owners benefit by:

  • receiving bids based on a common denominators, bidding on the basis of using the same proven materials and proven systems
  • obtaining the best value for their dollar
  • receiving a guaranteed job

The Paint Contractors benefit by:

  • bidding on a level playing field
  • knowing that surfaces to be covered will comply with the standards set out in the specifications
  • knowing that site conditions favourable to application of paint and wall coverings will be maintained
  • knowing that possible failure of any application will be minimized