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The Master House Painters Association of the U.S. and Canada was formed in 1885 with the purpose being“…to solve problems created by unsatisfactory materials, and to devise a means for assuring the public of the skill, honorable reputation and probity of master painters.” The Master Painters Institute (MPI) was formed in 1996 to further these aims through the revision and publication of the Architectural Painting Specification Manual and the Maintenance Repainting Manual. (Click here to order these manuals.)

MPI Updates

Standards MPI have been working on updating the performance standards associated with testing and listing in the MPI Approved products list. For more information on these updates please click here:

A new performance standard has been released for Latex, Interior, High Performance. MPI #142 is for Flat (MPI Gloss Level 1), whereas only Gloss level 2-5 have been available previously.

Anyone that has purchased the complete set of standards within the last year will receive all of the updated versions, plus the new standards, including the MPI #142.

Anyone interested in purchasing the complete set of MPI standards can do so via

The MPI is changing the “Decision Tree Tool” and below you will find DEMO links to try these out.

MPI Architectural Painting Decision TreeTMDEMO A tool to assist with specifying coatings on new-build Architectural and Commercial coatings projects.

MPI Restoration Repainting Decision TreeTMDEMO A tool to assist with specifying coatings on repainting/ restoration Architectural and Commercial coatings projects.

For more information please visit MPI Decision TreeTM

If you are a current subscriber to the MPI Specification Manuals there are two options to access the DT tools available to you:

  1. Swap your current subscription to the new Decision Tree Tools, at no extra cost for the remainder of your subscription term. After it expires you will be charged the new Decision Tree renewal rate.
  2. Keep your current Online Manual Subscription, while investing in the new Decision Tree Tools subscription at a largely discounted rate.

Contact us if you would like to choose one of these options, or for more information.

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