Information for Architects / Specifying Authorities

The Inspection and Guarantee program offered by APCA to Specification Authorities and Owners provides a two year guarantee of the workmanship and materials employed by the Painting Contractor who follows the qualifications and standards set out in the MPI Architectural Painting Specification Manual.


The APCA Guarantee Program was designed by the industry for the industry and provides a tool for APCA members to demonstrate quality and excellence of their work.

The goal of the inspection service is to provide all parties concerned, i.e. architects, project managers, painting contractors, and general contractors, with detailed and accurate reports, documenting procedures and products utilized in the successful completion of any and all painting and decorating contracts.

The service will monitor projects from start up to lock out, reporting abnormalities or variations from the specification to the Specifying Authority/Owner. All reports will be submitted at regular intervals, and a “Final Inspection” will be delivered prior to the APCA Guarantee being issued.

Here is how it works:

  1. APCA is notified of an APCA Guarantee job that is specified
  2. Contractor/Spec writers will notify APCA who won the bid
  3. APCA confirms that the painting contractor is a member
  4. APCA receives Request for Assignment of an Inspector with partial fee calculated on base contract amount
  5. An inspector is appointed
  6. APCA receives Product Submittal form, 09900 section and room finish schedule
  7. Inspections are carried out once products are approved and first installment fee is paid
  8. When inspections are finished, a deficiency list signed off, and final fee is paid, a Certificate of Guarantee and inspection booklets are provided to the owner, architect, and paint contractor. These booklets include all inspection reports, contact information, paint samples, technical data and maintenance requirements. (Final fees are due at the midpoint of the job.)

The program also provides no-cost industry standard technical advice and assistance to the Consultant, the objective being to assist in obtaining a superior and consistent quality performance, project after project.

Please notify us by phone, fax, or e-mail when you are specifying an APCA job in the future to aid our staff in facilitating the Certificate of Guarantee inspection process.

We value your comments, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the General Manager, Kirk Beggs at the APCA office.