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The Master Painters Institute and NACE International Institute Join Forces

We are pleased to announce that the Master Painters Institute, Inc (MPI) has been acquired by NACE International Institute, effective immediately.

As you may know, the origins of MPI date back more than 100 years. Since the mid 1990’s, under the vision and dynamic leadership of Barry Law, MPI’s work in the architectural coatings industry has established MPI as the performance based standard for commercial coatings.

MPI has grown markedly since that time, and we truly hope you agree that your customers have benefited from the affiliation of your products with the MPI Approved Product List.

Because of efforts by Barry and many others, MPI has experienced tremendous growth in the USA and Canada in the commercial coatings segment. MPI’s goal in becoming a company of the NACE Institute is to grow MPI globally, and further expand in the area of industrial coatings, and of course we will do that with your interests in mind because your customers are also our customers.

Aligning with the NACE Institute will provide resources for MPI’s continued growth in support of quality in the field of paint and coatings, and allow us to provide a wider array of services. We look forward to discussing those services in more depth with you, and would like to specifically note that:

  • You will continue to work with the same people in our firm that you have in the past. All of our people are being retained. Barry and Jody Law will also continue with us, in contracting consulting roles.
  • The services we have provided to you in the past will continue.

As a technicality, the former MPI corporation is ceasing to exist, although the physical location of the company and its employees will remain at its former address in Vancouver. With increased support from the NACE Institute, some services of the new MPI LLC will be co-located with the Institute in Houston, Texas. Finally, MPI Services Canada has been formed for the purpose of facilitating transactions with some customers--we will share more with you on that, in the coming weeks.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean specifically for your company. We are grateful to you for working with us in the past, and we look forward to our new enhanced relationship, with much excitement and anticipation.

The Master Painters Institute

Davis Kyle

ACTS Trade Definitions update - March 2017

ACA has responsibility to maintain Trade Definitions on behalf of the industry. As you may be aware, with the exception of minor changes in one scope in 2011, the Trade Definitions have not been comprehensively reviewed and updated since before 2004.

The Edmonton Construction Association, as a member of the ACA, has undertaken a comprehensive review to align the Trade Definitions with current practice and are inviting all trade associations to review the update and suggest any needed improvements prior to final ratification.

* A full copy of the updated Trade Definitions draft can be found here:

2017 Trade Definitions PDF

National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada - September 2013

NTCCC Meets in British Columbia

When Prompt Payment was progressing in Ontario, representatives from the NTCCC visited various provinces to propose that Provincial Trade Associations should also be formed. The first so called Alberta Trade Contractors Coalition (ATCC) meeting took place October 18, 2011 in Edmonton followed by a second meeting in Red Deer on February 21, 2012. Most recently, a session was held on September 17 in Red Deer with a number of trade associations represented. This joint task force presented recommendations to setup a Trade Coalition in order to address various issues, for example the current prompt payment issue. The focus at this time is in Ontario where the legislation has gone through the 1st and 2nd reading and is currently at committee. Once it goes through committee, it will go to 3rd reading which tends to be the most difficult to obtain approval. If it goes ahead in Ontario, it will set a positive precedent for the other provinces. There are similar laws in the US and UK, but nothing like this in place in Canada so it would be a positive initiative for industry.

The ATCC are hoping for a memorandum of understanding between the involved groups to create this Trade Coalition Association. APCA has indicated their support of this initiative and that they would agree to be involved. We will keep you updated as things progress.

Trade Definitions Promotional Video

The ACA and the ECA along with our Alberta local construction association partners are pleased to present this video to members. This video complements the 2016 Trade Definitions, and offers further insight into the Definitions and their usage.

ACA Chairman Paul Verhesen and a number of others were interviewed for the video which explains the benefits of Trade Definitions. Our hope is that the Trade Definitions will continue to be adopted by the Industry, and we encourage our members to both view and share the video amongst their networks.

Links: Trade Definitions Video
Alberta Construction Trade Definitions

ACA, its member local construction associations and the 3000 plus member firms endorse adoption of the 2016 ACA Trade Definitions as a best practice. We encourage all tender authorities and their design consultants, specification writers, and contractors and suppliers to cite and utilize the 2016 ACA Trade Definitions for their projects.

Trade Definitions provide clarity to all construction project stakeholders as to the allocation of work to be bid and performed. This clarity in turn reduces confusion, error, disputes, and litigation.

The 2016 Trade Definitions represent a comprehensive update to reflect current technology and business practice, and are the consensus result of input from many industry volunteers. They are not a tendering system. Trade Definitions are a guideline and the allocation of work amongst trades on any given project remains the responsibility of the tender authority and general contractor.

All member companies and trade associations may request changes to any or all trade definitions by providing their request in writing to the Alberta Construction Association or the Edmonton Construction Association, care of the Trade Definitions Committee, before January 1st of each year. The request must include the change, reason for the change and the effect on the other scopes. The Trade Definitions Committee will review and rule on all requests. Changes to the definitions will be finalized and published on March 1st each year.

You may wish to put a reminder in your calendars to check the end of February each year for the latest edition.

Alberta Recycling

Recycling for Commercial Painters in Calgary

For information on free disposal of commercial paint at the Shepard Landfill, please read this document: Commercial Paint Disposal Roundup (PDF)

Recycling for Commercial Painters in Edmonton

For information on free disposal of commercial paint at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, please read this document: Commercial Paint Disposal Information (PDF)

Alberta Recycling Management Authority Website