COVID-19 UPDATE (March 24, 2020)

APCA Members & Interested Parties,

Yesterday I was on a conference call with the ATCC and we will be having these weekly, discussing concerns, changes etc. with the construction industry and this crazy COVID19 virus.

We all know this is a VERY dynamic situation and change is rapid. Yesterday Quebec closed all non-essential businesses until April 13, INCLUDING ALL CONSTRUCTION SITES.

Ontario did the same, but was unclear as to exactly what was essential. The Ontario government will be announcing today what is an essential service, this MAY include the construction industry.

What does this mean for the construction industry in Alberta? We don’t know, but it is expected the Premier Jason Kenney will be making more announcement’s this week so I’m sure we will find out.

What can we do? Stay calm and stay safe. Ensure your workers/staff follow all the published government guidelines for social distancing and personal hygiene. Soap and water is your best defence. Have your workers every day when coming to site see your site PM, sign a sheet saying they are symptom free and feel good to work. Talk to them. In order for our industry, the Construction Industry, we MUST show the government and the GC’s we can and will “WORK SAFE”.

Below you will find some useful links that we are receiving form various sources through the ATCC. There is also a Powerpoint on Force Majeure, from Goodfellow Schuette sourced from the CCA webinar held last Thursday.

I will continue to keep you as the membership updated on all calls with the ATCC and pass along to you as it comes in.


Kirk Beggs
General Manager