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Lunch & Learns

APCA offers a one-hour Lunch & Learn Session for Architects and Specification Writers

The Alberta Painting Contractors Association (APCA) is the accredited quality assurance association in Alberta for the Master Painters Institute (MPI) Quality Assurance Program.

This program provides assistance with:

·       Specification Review & Development ·       Inspection & Deficiency Reports
·       On-Site Inspection Services ·       Two-Year Warranty
·       Technical Assistance ·       Final Sign-Off

The Lunch and Learn Session is presented by a qualified Paint Inspector and/or a Paint Manufacturer/Supplier Representative.  You will receive up-to-date information on new Approved Products, Future Trends, and Environmental Concerns as they relate to the paint industry i.e. Green Products.

They will also briefly cover Industry Standards and the APCA Inspection and Quality Assurance Program, which provides you with superior, consistent quality performance, job after job and ensures the above items are incorporated.

Take a look at the members currently aligned with us on the attached list. To book a Lunch and Learn presentation, please email or

MPI Details

The Master House Painters Association of the U.S. and Canada was formed in 1885 with the purpose being“…to solve problems created by unsatisfactory materials, and to devise a means for assuring the public of the skill, honorable reputation and probity of master painters.” The Master Painters Institute (MPI) was formed in 1996 to further these aims through the revision and publication of the Architectural Painting Specification Manual and the Maintenance Repainting Manual. (Click here to order these manuals.)

MPI Updates

Standards MPI have been working on updating the performance standards associated with testing and listing in the MPI Approved products list. For more information on these updates please click here:

A new performance standard has been released for Latex, Interior, High Performance. MPI #142 is for Flat (MPI Gloss Level 1), whereas only Gloss level 2-5 have been available previously.

Anyone that has purchased the complete set of standards within the last year will receive all of the updated versions, plus the new standards, including the MPI #142.

Anyone interested in purchasing the complete set of MPI standards can do so via

MPI Approved Products >

Inspection Links

Letter of recommendation
 Information for Painting Contractors
 Information for Architects / Specifying Authorities
 Bid Process

APCA Inspection Program Forms

 Contractor’s Checklist
 Request for Inspector – 2022
 Request for Consultation
 Product Submittal Form
 Product Substitution Form
 Warranty Supplement Form Process
 Request for Specifications
 APCA Travel Expenses and Services Fees

PDF forms: print, complete and email to

Master Painters Institute

Membership FAQ

Why Should I Join APCA? What’s in it For Me?

I’m too busy to waste my time going to lunch meetings.

Yes, painting contractors are busy people and these meetings are all about business. We hold them over the lunch hour because we know you are busy running your business all day and that you want some time for your family too. But you have to eat, so while you enjoy lunch you learn from guest speakers the information you need and want to be successful in today’s competitive market. The subjects and speakers are selected in response to suggestions received from APCA members.

Why should I talk to my competitors?

Because your competitors are also your colleagues. The problem you face on a job today may be the same one he dealt with last month. Maybe you are the one with the solution to a problem plaguing others. Short staffed for a big job? Maybe he is slack right now and can lend you some qualified manpower. Got equipment sitting idle? Maybe he wants to rent it. This is what they call networking and it pays off.

It’s no one else’s business how I do my business.

Well other parties will make it their business if the customer is not happy. That’s why we developed the Inspection and Guarantee Program. It has been developed by the industry for the industry. Architect, building owner and painting contractor get a detailed report on products and procedures used on the job. Unbiased confidentiality is assured because the Association office, not APCA Board or committee members, are handling this process.

I do quality work and it does not need to be inspected.

It is up to the building owner or architect to decide if they want to specify the APCA Inspection and Guarantee Program. If you are not an APCA member and bid on such a job, you will be required to provide both a maintenance bond and the qualified inspections by the APCA inspector, which is charged by the hour. You will not receive the warranty.

I don’t want my member fees to pay for socializing.

Your APCA membership fees do NOT go towards socializing. All social events are all fully self-supporting through ticket sales and it’s your choice to pay and go or not. These events are fun and we all know that a surprising amount of business does get discussed during them. We hope that you will join us for the annual golf tournament, the winter President’s Ball, a Stampede BBQ, and more.

How is APCA going to increase my bottom line?

Make sure you get paid for what you do – use our Rate Calculation, Estimating, and Chargeout Rate Guides. In addition to those helpful materials, you receive the Architectural Painting Specification and Maintenance Repainting Manuals at a discounted rate.

How will APCA help me build my business?

People want security. When customers see you advertised as a member of APCA, they see you as part of a group and that gives them more confidence they will be receiving quality standards at competitive rates. This is the very reason why franchises succeed in all fields be it fast food or fuel. Also, when customers see the APCA Code of Ethics posted in your business, they are more confident they will be dealt with in a fair and professional manner. Who do you do business with?

None of the speakers or seminars is of any interest to me.

Speakers and seminar subjects are selected from suggestions received from the membership. The 2001 Calgary Trade Show covered the following topics: Code of Ethics and Professionalism, Specification Manuals, Apprenticeship, Estimating, Computer Applications, Waste Management and Disposal. When you join APCA you get a voice – use it. Send us your suggestions and we will utilize them.

I work for me. Why should I care about my profession’s image?

The image the public and other members of the construction industry have of the painting contractor business is a direct reflection on you. Do they see you as a skilled craftsman, a savvy business operator, an integral member of the construction team? Membership in a professional association enhances public confidence. Proudly display the APCA logo on your premises and in your advertising. See your name listed under the APCA banner in the yellow page directory in major centres.

What do government and media relations have to do with me?

Lots! Do you want industry input into matters such as waste management and disposal, product ingredients like lead, apprenticeship training, payroll taxes, etc.? Get your point across with a professional unified voice. Does the community know what you and your fellow contractors contribute? Tell them about your involvement in charity events such as Habitat for Humanity.

I can’t afford the time or money to go to a big conference to hear what’s new.

Continuing education and professional development are delivered to you in many ways. As a member of APCA you will receive our newsletter and information bulletins. Subjects of industry-specific interest are discussed by specialists at several venues including general meetings, regional conferences, trade shows and seminars. You pick the ones that are convenient for you.

I want to see discounts and dollar savings.

So do we! A larger, stronger membership gives us the ability to exercise group purchasing power. As our ranks grow we hope to broker agreements that will see APCA members eligible to participate in reduced rate programs such as insurance and employee benefits. Again, we will follow the direction set by our members. Send us your suggestions, i.e. discounted travel rates, and we will negotiate with service providers. Remember, the larger the group the greater our leverage, so join us now.


APCA is committed to upholding and improving the standards of the painting and decorating industry. It represents independent contractors involved in the painting and wall covering industry serving the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. APCA also administers the Inspection and Guarantee Program and serves as liaison among industry groups.

2017 Annual General Meeting

Pursuant to Section 9.2 of the Alberta Painting Contractors Association bylaws and Section 1 (d) of the Societies Act, notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Alberta Painting Contractors Association will be held:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Calgary Construction Association
2725 12 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta


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