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The Alberta Painting Contractors Association (APCA) represents the major players in the Alberta painting industry with a focus on commercial and industrial projects.

APCA provides the MPI warranty inspection program throughout Alberta. But did you know, we can perform QA paint Inspection Services throughout Western Canada: We perform the following inspection and specification services to ensure that the owner, architect and GC are getting the quality of job they paid for. Commercial and Institutional QA paint inspection for new or repaint projects

  • Coating failure analysis
  • Wallcovering Inspections
  • Coating assessment reports
  • Wet and Dry paint film thickness testing
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Specifications and tender management
  • Depreciation reports for Property Managers and Strata corporations
  • Maintenance programs
  • Pre-bid site tours
  • Industrial coating inspections to SSPC standards
  • Intumescent coating inspections

All inspections or specification services are performed  by MPI accredited QA Paint Inspectors, to MPI, SSPC or ASTM industry standards A detailed written report is provided after every inspection performed

Inspection and Guarantee Program

APCA is the approved quality control association for the Inspection Program in Alberta. This Inspection Program was developed by the Master Painters Institute (MPI) in order to guarantee the use of quality products and proper procedures by qualified tradespeople. The paint contract may only be 5% of the total project cost but 85% of the finished product is judged on the first impression made by the painting and decorating.

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